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Mathias Palmqvist

Mathias Palmqvist, born 1994, has been CEO and board member of Orgo Tech AB since May 2016. Since February 2019 Mathias is serving as a chief technology officer. Mathias has been working as a web developer since 2013. During his time as a web developer, Mathias has worked with the development of websites, systems and applications to companies such as Atlas Copco and Karolinska University Hospital.

Christian Kronegård

Christian Kronegård, born 1988, has been a director of Orgo Tech AB since February 2017 and elected Chairman of the Board since October 2017. Since 2015, Christian has been a member of the Board of New Equity Venture International AB and has been CEO of Precisionsmetall Group AB (formerly GoldX International AB ) that is listed on AktieTorget. Christian also works actively in several of the New Equity Venture International AB's subsidiaries.

Board member
Jesper Karlström

Jesper Karlström, born 1986, is a board member of Orgo Tech AB since October 2017. Jesper has a business degree from Stockholm University and has previously worked as an accountant at Ernst & Young, primarily for companies in the real estate sector. Jesper has several years of experience in accounting and auditing issues, as well as knowledge of management, control, and reporting. Today, Jesper works as a business controller at Vectura Real Estate, owned by Patricia Industries, part of Investor AB. At Vectura Jesper works primarily with business management, analysis, budget work and participation in the company's development and management. Jesper is independent in relation to both the company and company management as the company's major owner.

Board member
Marcus Petersson

Marcus Petersson, born 1980, is a board member of Orgo Tech AB since October 2017. Marcus has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and business development. For several years he has had leading positions in a number of the largest online gaming companies in Europe where he is primarily responsible for the UK and the Nordic markets. Marcus holds a Master of Science in Business Administration from JIBS and Bachelor of International Marketing from Auckland University of Technology. Marcus is independent in relation to both the Company and the company management as the Company's major owner.

Board member
Björn Mannerqvist

Björn Mannerqvist, born 1979, has been a member of the Board since December 2016 and CEO of Future Gaming Group since February 2017. Björn is a specialist in digital marketing, search engine optimization, and web analytics. For more than eleven years, Björn has been responsible for traffic procurement from digital channels at the world's largest affiliate company and has operated own consultancy companies that had some of Sweden's most famous brands as customers. Björn today runs the consulting company Ayima Nordic, which helps large companies and start-up companies with digital strategy implementation to increase customer traffic and profits from the web and mobile channels.

Jan Hamberg

Jan Hamberg, at Parsells Revisionsbyrå Aktiebolag. Jan is a member of FAR, the Association for Auditors and Advisers.