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The share capital of Orgo Tech AB amounts to 800 000 SEK divided into 8 000 000 shares. The share capital of Orgo Tech shall amount to at least 800 000 SEK and no more than 3 200 000 SEK divided into at least 8,000,000 shares and no more than 32,000,000 shares. All shares are issued and fully paid.

Orgo Tech's shares are established under Swedish law and are denominated in Swedish kronor. The shares are accounted for by persons and are affiliated with Euroclear Sweden AB with the address: Euroclear Sweden AB, Box 191, 101 23 Stockholm. The company has a shareholding and the shares have equal rights to participate in the company's assets and profits and have the same right to dividend and surplus upon liquidation. Employees in the company have warrants of no more than 400 000 shares, each warrant entitles to subscribe for a new share at a subscription price of 6.00 SEK per share. The subscription period is valid for the period 2017-10-04 until 2020-10-04. There are no restrictions on the free transfer of shares, in addition to the lock-up agreements entered into by the Company's largest owner. Changes in shareholders' rights require amendment of the Articles of Association in accordance with applicable legislation.

The company has no holdings of own shares or other companies that may be relevant for the assessment of the company's financial situation. The company's share is not subject to compulsory redemption. During the last twelve months, there has been no takeover bid on the Company's share. Orgo Tech's share is issued by the holder and the company's share book is handled electronically by Euroclear Sweden.

The Orgo Tech share has been listed on Spotlight Stock Market since January 3, 2018 under the ticker ORGO and is traded through banks and stockbrokers.

To see the largest owners, the company refers to the company's page at Spotlight Stock Market.