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Thomas Jansson

Thomas Jansson is CEO of Orgo Tech AB. Thomas holds a Master of Science degree from Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Thomas has been involved in more than twenty IPOs and have been working with micro investments and start-ups for more than 10 years.

Mathias Palmqvist

Mathias Palmqvist, born 1994, has been CEO and board member of Orgo Tech AB since May 2016. Since February 2019 Mathias is serving as a chief technology officer. Mathias has been working as a web developer since 2013. During his time as a web developer, Mathias has worked with the development of websites, systems and applications to companies such as Atlas Copco and Karolinska University Hospital.

Robin B├Ącklund

Robin B├Ącklund has been employed at Orgo Tech AB since February 2017 and has been a key part in the development of the company. Robin has been involved with all of the current products of Orgo Tech AB. Since February 2019 Robin serves as the chief creative officer.